Cruise Escorts

Jim, Craig, and Sam were college mates who decided to spend their vacation cruising. For some reason they didn’t go with their girlfriends because they wanted to relax and forget about everything that reminded them of campus. All they wanted was to get drunk and have fun in the sea. Well let’s say their vacation turned out awesome.

On their second night while in the ship’s bar, they meet two gorgeous ladies who ask to join them. Of course the three guys, being horny college students, immediately agreed because any chance to be with a gorgeous lady is always welcome. After a few drinks, Sam got a bit chatty and started asking questions. Turns out these gorgeous ladies were London escorts working on the cruise. The girls offered to give the boys a group discount, and they immediately accepted the amazing deal.

Jim, who is suffering from heartbreak, seems a little bit more reluctant than the other two because he had not gotten over his ex-girlfriend, who had broken up with him a few weeks before finals. It took a little persuasion from one of the escorts for him to be fully into the deal. After a few more drinks and being horny they took the girls back to their cabin for some hot sexual fun.

Once they got back to the cabin they start going at it. Jim was fucking one escort while Craig was getting a blowjob from the other at the same time Sam was fucking her tight asshole. The escorts keep talking dirty while being sensual, treating these college boys to wild and amazing sex. At the end of their first encounter, Jim had already forgotten about his ex-girlfriend. They did have two other orgies before their cruise ended, and Jim even promised to be calling these London escorts if they continued giving him such a good time at a good rate.

Once back at school Jim started doing better in his classes. His newfound love for London escort has untangled him from unproductive relationships. He can now concentrate in class and still enjoy sex with his escort without having things mashed up. He never chooses the same girl in a row though, afraid that he will actually get attached to these beautiful, sexy, and sex talented women. For now he is just in love with having the sex he wants without the heartache or drama.

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