I am confused – who should I call…

I arrived in London a couple of days ago, and I am totally lost. No, I don’t mean that I don’t know where in London I am. I have been to London on many occasions, so I do know my way around. However, this time I would like to try something different. I have read so much about escorts in London and I would really like to have the chance to hook up with at least one or two London escorts during my stay. But I am so confused – should I call cheap London escorts or top London escorts.

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Wherever I look in London, there seems to escort agencies. Sure, I can appreciate that there are a lot of lonely hearts in a big city like this, but my confusion still reigns supreme. Should I date cheap London escorts or should I dip that little bit extra in my pocket? What is the difference between the services the girls provide and why are some escorts in London more expensive than others? As I am new to this, I would really like to appreciate a little bit of guidance.


Are elite London escorts better than cheap escorts in London? I keep thinking that I should contact an elite escort service. As the girls who work for top class escort services charge more, it must mean that they must be better at what they do. But, if that is not true, I would be wasting my money. After all,  I could enjoy a longer date with a cheap escort and perhaps even stay with her all night. I rather like the sound of that, but if she is not good at what she does, I would have completely wasted my money.


I have to admit that I have enjoyed reading about cheap London escorts. They sound rather a lot of fun to be with and offer many exciting services that I think that I would be interested in. It seem to me that top escorts in London may offer some very advanced services, and unless you have dated escorts before, they may not be for you. Sure, top escorts look very attractive, but at the same time , there seems to be many sexy cheap escorts out there.


Should I go for an incall or outcall? At first I was not sure what it meant, but now I know that you can both visit London escorts, or they will come to see you. I think that I would like to have a chance of having a girl visit me in London. It must be exciting to visit a girl, but having a girl come to you has its advantages as well. I do like to relax after a date, and rushing out to hail a cab may not be exactly what I would like to do. Instead it would be nicer to relax a bit after the date, and perhaps close my eyes for a minutes. Still confused – should I go elite or date a cheap London escort?






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