Marrying a Bromley escorts in Valentine’s Day


We all dream to get married and be with the person forever. We always want someone who could be with us and never let go no matter what happened. We all need someone that can stand vows and promises without being broken. All my life, I need someone who can be faithful to me, and love me for who I am. Many people who have been fooled by many times because their emotions have slaved them and allowing those people to repeat all over again their evil intentions. Many people intentions are not suitable for you, but good for them. All they want is to get your trusts, and they were trying to manipulate you. It is hard to find someone who is real and love you. Maintaining a happy relationship is hard, there are lots of arguments and fights you need to pass through before you genuinely proved your love to each other. According to couples, being happy in a relationship should be natural, it must be that both of you is genuine to each other. To order to be happy, the two partners know what their limitations and boundaries, they should know that it is okay to lower egos sometimes and try to understand each other. There are many factors how can a relationship stay but you have to keep in mind that love and respect are essential to follow. Whatever you are going through, never forget that love and respect to each other must be the center of your relationship.


Well, all my dreams and aims in life are already achieved, and my most achievement was marrying the person I love the most. When I was a kid, I used to see my parent’s sweetness and love for each other, especially Valentine’s Day. We all knew that Valentine’s Day is hearts day meaning you have to show and expressed your love to the person. Many of us have been waiting for this day and have the most special moment as couples. I dream that hopefully, I will meet the person who can make my heart beat and celebrate with me every Valentine’s day.


In summer, I decided to go to Bromley, London England since I want to have a new place for vacation, new surroundings, and people. I want that is something new, and a place to enjoy and relax. And then, I met Lucia, a Bromley escort from that is so damn beautiful and sexy. Her looks are so much attractive and cannot resist the feeling. I have pursed her, and because of my real intention and effort, I have let her say yes and be mine. For the past seven years of in a relationship, we became together and official. And in that, I decided that this valentine’s day, I proposed to her and at the next valentine’s day is scheduled for our wedding.

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