Christmas is my favorite time of the year

Most years I have at least one week away from West Ham escorts of, so that I can spend time with my friends and family. This year, I am having two weeks off so I can spend time with my dog instead. Although I do take him with me to my West Ham escorts boudoir, I don’t get enough time to spend with him. At least that is the way I feel.

There are other reasons I am spending Christmas with my dog as well. This year I broke up with my boyfriend of two years and I feel that I need some down time. A couple of the gentlemen I like to meet up with at West Ham escorts know what is going on in my life, and they have offered to take me out on Christmas Day. I have accepted one invitation and we are going to this rather posh restaurant in London.

But the rest of the time, I am going to spend with my dog. We are going to sit on the sofa and watch TV. This year, I have really spoiled my little dog. There are so many things you can buy for your dog, but I have focused on getting stuff to keep him warm. The weather has been terrible in London, and as my dog is getting old, I have bought him some nice warm stuff. The first thing I have bought him is a nice warm fleece blanket which he can sit on in his basket. It is actually meant for humans, but I am sure that he is really going to appreciate it.

The other thing I have bought him is a warm coat. Telling a lie, I have bought him a couple of warm coats. The weather has been so cold here in London that he has been spending most of the day in a coat. Sadly he only has one, and he is getting old, I feel that he needs at least a couple of coats to keep him nice and warm. Most of the time I tuck him into bed with me when I come home from West Ham escorts, but I still think he needs some extra warmth to keep him happy.

I used to work weekends at West Ham escorts, but I have stopped that now. Instead of working weekends at the escort agency in West Ham, I work for a local dog groomer. One day when I leave West Ham escorts, and since I like dogs so much, I would like to have a job where I can work with dogs. I thought it would be hard to find, but in the end. I have found a Saturday job which allows me to learn about dog grooming. Next year I am going to complete my course, and I may even become a dog groomer full time. I have had a great time working for the escort agency in West ham, but sometimes it is good to move on and do something different.

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