Kensington escorts managed casual conversation


I was sitting watching the TV waiting for a date to turn up at Islington escorts the other day. It showed the US rocket launch into Syrian territory and I have to say that it scared me a bit. That kind of situation does not normally worry me, but the situation in Syria certainly concerns me. We have two super powers involved. Both of them have access to nuclear weapons and that is the worrying part.


A couple of my gents at Kensington escorts from actually managed it in casual conversation. They sort of asked me if I had heard about the American rocket attacks. Just like anybody else I have heard about the rocket attacks and I think that a lot of people are concerned. When I went to fill up my car yesterday, I did notice that the price of petrol had gone up. I am not surprised as the fuel has to travel through the part of the world where all of the fighting is going on.


Do I feel sorry for the people in Syria? I feel really sorry for the people in Syria. Before I joined Kensington escorts, I used to work with a Syrian girl at another escort agency. She was one of the prettiest girls that I have ever seen, and I know that she had family back in Syria. Her name is Farida and I know that she has left the escort service in London and got married to an English. I hope that she is doing okay, and that her family is alright as well.


President Trump is a bit of a mad man. The problem is that he is emotionally controlled and that is what makes him so dangerous. You never know what he is going to get up to, and I don’t like that at all. I do date rather a few business men here at Kensington escorts, and I am not sure that they would make such great political leaders. Sure, they are pretty good at making money, but there is a lot more too political leadership then just making money. You need to think about people at the same time.


I am not sure what I would do if a war broke out. Could it be that no one would be interested in dating us girls here at Kensington escorts? That would be a complete disaster for me as it would mean that I would not have any income at all. My flat is paid for but how would I manage? When you stop and think about these things, it is rather a scary concept. I could always go back home to my mum and dad. It also makes me wonder what kind of war it would be. Would somebody finally drop a nuclear bomb and send us all back to tha dark ages? It is a very frightening concept when you come to think about it. I think that I may just start prepping a little bit in case everything goes completely wrong and we end up with rockets being fired over our heads.

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