Most of us love music but why does it have to be so load all the time?


Most Debden escorts work unsocial hours, and come home in the early hours of the morning. A lot of the Debden escorts fromĀ that we spoke to recently here at the Better Sex Guide said that they dislike the fact that everyone seems to think it is okay to play load music in the morning.


Okay, unlike Debden escorts most of us are probably on the way to work around 7 am. I suppose some people like to have a bit of music to get themselves going in the morning, but does it have to be so load. Of course when Debden escorts come home they are tired, and want to sleep. Having someone in the flat next to you play AC/DC full blast does not help at all, and may even put you in a bad mood for the day.

It is not only Debden escorts that feel this way, many other people do as well.


Loud Music


Loud music is only one of the many environmental dangers that invade our lives today. Many people seem to be becoming less tolerant of others, and we even have less respect for each other. Listening to music might be nice but does it have to be so loud.


Music can be very invasive and we may experience it as a real problem when it is not our kind of music. Most of us live in smaller homes and we are certainly more crammed together, and this leads to that we experience noise more intensively.


It is not only music that invades our lives. Crying babies, rowing couples and screaming kids are often the reason for many noise complaints to the police and our local councils. Did you know that your local council is responsible for doing something about it?


Many people are not aware that there are many laws in the UK relating to noise, and that the local councils are charged with doing something about it. If, you think that your neighbor is making too much noise, you can call the council. They will come and check out the problem, and actually monitor the noise level. Making too much noise is a crime, and the council will deal with it.


Too much noise can lead to nervous problems, and may even cause some physical illnesses. There are some “modern day” complaints that are related to noise, and they include anxiety and poor appetite. For instance, a person who has been exposed to extreme noise levels over a longer period of time may also develop eczema and suffer from unexplained weight loss.


What we think of as just noise is as a matter of fact another type of pollution which can have very serious consequences for sensitive people. Many children suffer from noise pollution in their lives without thinking about it. It is a well recognized fact that many children have reduced hearing, and it is not all down to iPODs.


We should all respect each other environments and keep them clean in more ways than one.

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