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There are many reasons why our sex drives decrease but sometimes we should get it checked out. According to Surrey escorts from the most common reason for reduced sex drive is stress and that is probably true, but many other factors can influence our sex drives as well. For instance, did you know that people who suffer from inflammatory disease have lower sex drives? It is a really interesting fact that research scientist pointed out to the Surrey escorts. We are not sure why, but we do know that our bodies are full of hormonal receptors. Now, what happens when a part of the body becomes inflamed, does it reduce the effectiveness of some of these hormonal receptors?


Scientists know now that inflammatory disease and low sex drive can be linked. A group of Surrey escorts recently attended a lecture by a scientist who had worked in the field of inflammatory disease, and she explained how hormonal receptors work. The Surrey escorts did not know, but every joint in our body has hormonal receptors. For instance, women going through the menopause or suffering badly PMS, may experience joint pain. That means that certain joints, commonly the ankle joints in women, are slightly inflamed and may not be responding to the hormone estrogen. This can cause a lot of pay and discomfort, and reduce our sex drive as enough cortisol is not being produced.


The Surrey escorts did not realize that the body went through so many complicated process, and all of the Surrey escorts found the information fascinating as they had all suffered from aching ankle joints. The scientist speaking explained there are plenty of things that can be done to remedy the situation, and may be even PMS should be considered an inflammatory condition. It was fascinating and the Surrey escorts carried on listening.


It turns out that inflammation can be caused by food. For instance, if you drink too much orange juice, you are much more likely to develop arthritis, but it is not only that. Acidic drinks and fruits can also bring on PMS, and influence the way our hormones function. It has been found that ladies who do not drink orange juice, or eat oranges, suffer less severely from PMS. Orange juice and oranges are very acidic and can even trigger many of the modern inflammatory conditions.


One of the Surrey escorts decided to do a little bit of an experiment on herself, and cut out orange juice from her diet. During the following month she monitored her aches and pains, and found that even the pains that she sometimes experienced in her knees disappeared. The next month she drank orange juice again, and even her PMS came back to haunt her.


Now, I wonder how many other women can benefit from this type of health advice, and cut out on acidic food and drinks. Sugar is another factor which can affect us and we should limit the amount we eat. Stevia is a great alternative to natural sugar.

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