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Not only are all the Croydon escorts agencies being very good and professionals but these Croydon escorts suit me to perfection. You see, I love dating ethic escorts, and Croydon you will find there are no end of different ethnic Croydon escorts available that is the main reason why I enjoy dating Croydon escorts of so much.

At the moment I am dating an Indian girl called Siva, and she is hot bit of stuff all the way from Kerala. I have a lot of fond memories of Kerala after having spent some time there, so I really love my little Kerala girl. Her family actually lives here but she moved back to Kerala for a few years to look after her ailing grandmother. She wanted to be a model, but discovered that a modeling career was everything it promised. After modeling for a couple of months, she was out of pocket and decided to have a go at escorting instead. So far I understand that she loves every minute of it.

Siva is very special to me because she can deliver the perfect Indian massage. I work as a long haul pilot which means I sit down a lot. A good quality massage at least once a week is what my poor aching back needs, and Siva, Goddess of Kerala, can deliver just that.

A lot of Indian massages are carried out on the floor, and the ones that Siva does are no different. She starts by putting me on a Shiatsu mat on the floor, and places her palms on my lower spine. She rocks me gently from side to side, and it has the most relaxation effect on my entire being. It feels a bit like drifting off into a deep sleep but you still stay awake.

After about five minutes she stops rocking me, and she starts padding me with her palms. She works her way up my back, and slowly moves up towards my neck and arms. All the way she pads gently like a cat, and I can just feel the tension drifting away. When she stops padding, she moves her attention to my head and gives me the most wonderful relaxing Indian head massage using the tops of her fingers, and her knuckles.

It is just one of those feelings that takes you to heaven and back, and induces the most beautiful calm atmosphere. It can be sensual as well as physically fulfilling, and there is nothing that can help a stressed out pilot to relax more.

All the while this is happening, beautiful candles are burning in the room and the scent of Lotus aromatherapy oils floats in the air. I would recommend massages to anybody who suffers from stress or have a back problem. They can just be so incredibly stress relieving in more ways than one.

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